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How long after i receive qme report should i expect to hear from evaluation unit? It's been 4 weeks.

"The Evaluation Unit"?   I hope you meant the state Disability Evaluation Unit, the DEU.

I could be as long as 8 weeks.

Some DEU Raters are servicing 3 WCAB offices.

ALSO:   just because YOU received the report is no guarantee it was filed with the ridiculous array of cover sheets with the DEU.   If all the doctor's assistant did was mail one copy to the DEU, then it still isn't filed.

The Electronic Managments 'EAMS' has this silly bunch of sheets that must be perfect and in perfect order.   I don't think the clerks bother to return forms with mistakes or blanks, I think they just trash any filing that isn't what they consider perfect.

You may choose to take an excellent copy of the QME report to a meeting with the Information & ASsistance Officer -- the I&A Office -- and ask for help getting those forms finished to get the report filed with the DEU to make certain the Rater actually gets to see the report.

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