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I need to file for reconsideration of my summary rating from DEU of my PTP and QME reports because they didn't address one of my injuries. Do I need to fill out a cover sheet and separater sheets again? I looked on the WCAB site under OCR forms and there checklist only shows filling out the form. On the form it says to mail to AD in SF along with any reports that are relevent for reconsideration.

FIRST:  There is a State Employee being paid to handle Unrepresented Workers' questions exactly like this...schedule a conference with the INFORMATION AND ASSISTANCE OFFICER at your WCAB location.

SECOND:   The DEU Rater cannot add one thing to any report.

IF EACH REPORT FAILED TO ADDRESS a claim body part, the problem is the doctor, NOT the DEU Rating.

TALK TO THE I&A OFFICER about which body parts / injuries listed in the Application.  If an injury is left out of the application(s), AMEND THE APPLICATION TO INCLUDE THE MISSING INJURY.

If all of your injuries and all of your body parts are correctly detailed in all the applications, then you need to get supplemental reports from the physician whose report you want the judge to follow.

You can get a supplemental report with either a letter to the physician, or by way of deposition of the physician...taking his testimony under oath with a reporter, and the reporter's transcript becomes the equivalent of a supplemental report.

The transcript or the supplemental report detailing the additional injury/body part then goes to the DEU and only THEN can the Rater add on any possible new disability for this 'missing' injury.

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