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I am 55, male, in good general health.
I work Monday to Friday as a city bus driver. The work is fairly stressfull, and my shift is 5pm to 1am.
During the work week I am fine, I get up about nine, do chores, have a small nap in the afternoon, then go to work.
On Saturdays, I basicly just want to be a couch potato-I call this my recovery day. Sundays arent much better-I may go shopping with my wife.
After three or more days I am normal-but weekends are only two days!
Is this pretty normal?

Hi Bud:
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I understand you work Monday to Friday as a city bus driver.
This is stressful and a huge responsibility along your journey, even if you do it for a long time, already.
I am sure you have a lot of passengers you see daily. You consider it “fairly stressful” being your shift 5pm to 1am. This is rush hours in a day!
I believe the timing may be ok: get up about nine, do chores, have a small nap in the afternoon, then go to work. Still you need something that brings you out of “routine” and is fun! I am sure this sounds great!
Are you going to the gym or going for a walk listening to music as an example? This will bring your inner stress down and you will be energized and feel much better and possibly even with less back pain if you ever have it due to the stress of so many hours seated driving. Remember to breathe! This helps lower the inner stress of the body.
You may begin by 15 to 20 minutes around the house or walking a dog if you have one with an iPod or whatever you may have to listen to music you love or even listen to a radio program you may like.
This as well will help you not be a couch potato.
I am sure you deserve a recovery day. But this recovery needs an energy injection. You are young and I am sure people around want you to be part of their schedule as well and feel you are alive and present. Is that correct?
This will as well improve your own feelings and attitude when you may go shopping with your wife and even go for a coffee or an ice cream and chat with a great mood!

What does it mean “After three or more days I am normal”? What is normal for you?
Even though weekends are only two days I would recommend to find a balance in your life that will improve how you feel “body, mind soul” and as well emotionally bring you to a better relation with the environment and people around. I am talking about a break in your day that is fun and you enjoy and bring your energy up!!!!
I am sure your work is of great responsibility to your community and I am as well sure many clients see you every day. This is why everybody wants to feel you are in balance at all the levels of your being and as well at home!
I hope this helped. Keep me posted with what you did, the results and how you feel!!!
Everything can be normal or not the fact you are asking shows me you are looking to improve your life. And this is simply fantastic!!! Congratulations in the process!
Do not hesitate to contact me again if you have additional questions

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