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I am suffering from day sleepiness. During waking hours I undergo naps and cannot control them instead of several attempts. It happens unknowingly.

As I become so addictive that it is affecting to my work performance and taunting from senior and colleagues.

Please help me.

Thanking you.

With regards,

Shyam Thakore


Hi Shyam Thakore:

Thank you for your question from Haryana, India regarding “Working more efficiently”

Sleepiness during waking hours may have many causes.

Did you go to the Doctor for a consultation about your physical body situation? This is as well something to be considered to be able to narrow the possible causes of your condition.

You mention “suffering from day sleepiness”.

Are you bored?

Are you tired?

Are you unable to sleep at night?

How many hours do you sleep every night?

Are you going through challenges in your personal life?

How long do the “naps” that you “cannot control” take place each time?
When you say “It happens unknowingly” what do you mean and what do you want me to understand. Do you remember what happens during your nap? How much time do they take normally?

I can perfectly understand this is affecting your work performance. This is why all my questions. You have to be able to find the reason and the cause of this situation!

If you are committed and engaged to solve it, I recommend you take action as soon as possible to find the reason and cause.

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All the best and much success, wishing my comments were of help and looking forward to hear from you again.

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