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Another World's Tom Eplin4/2/2001Serisa
  Q: I wanted to ask you a few questions about the personal life of Tom Eplin, who played Jake McKinnon ...
  A: I'll enjoy this as Tom Eplin is still one of my favorite actors of all time, not to mention very ...
Character Changes3/26/2001Serisa
  Q: When I first started watching Another World, Jensen Buchanan was not playing the role of ...
  A: I would love to share this with you. The actress was Anne Heche (pronounced haish). She was ...
jenna & dean2/3/2001Lisa Klobucar
  Q: is jenna and dean on any shows now? thanks
  A: Sorry for the delay in answering this, computer glitches. Ricky Paull Goldin finished up a run on ...

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