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I need help identifying an instrument in this movie clip.

It's at 2:01

Behind the constant tapping of metal, what's that "boinging" sound? It sounds like some kind of warped, metal cymbal, but I'm not sure.


It's a little tough to hear given the sounds in the foreground, but I will give you my best guess. This is strictly my own opinion.

There are two instruments that pop up where you pointed me two. They are actually two that go together quite often, so I am fairly confident with my guess. The first, higher pitched instrument, are actually small Chinese cymbals. If you listen to this recording of these cymbals, you should be able to hear the similarities to the video you sent me.

The other, deeper sound, was harder to place. My best guess is that it is a hand gong. This instrument can be played a number of ways, each making a somewhat different sound. I have a recording of one here. It would be the first gong, the smallest one.

My other guess is that may be a muffled gong. I can't find a recording of this sound anywhere, but it is a possibility.

I hope that answers your question!


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