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My name is Ota shigeki, a student of Hosei University, in Tokyo.
I’m interested in what Americans think of Japanese traditional music, or instruments, such as “koto” and ”shamisen”. So many I ask you for your idea?

Konbanwa Shigeki-san! I am so delighted to receive your question! I myself am a lover of the Japanese culture ^_^ To answer your question, most Americans are not cuturally rich -meaning that their minds are not open to that in which they are unfamiliar with. The sound of the shamisen, for instance, is very striking in nature -and for many Americans, it would require an aquired taste to enjoy. Traditional Japanese music is very simplistic in nature, and too simple for the average American. Most Americans, even in past times, prefer a more fast-paced, stimulating, music -such as rock, jazz, and rhythmic beats. So long story short, majority of Americans find the traditional Japanese music/instruments boring and distasteful . . . sadly :( Anyway, I hope I was able to help! Also, I myself am a college student too who lives in America. If you'd like, maybe we could chat some more? Feel free to email me at:  

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Hi! I'm your go-to for Far Eastern Music! (You name it, China, Korea, Japan, Taiwan etc.)That's not all (laugh)! Africa, Europe, and Latin America I can help with as well! The language of music is international :D


I've been in this information pool for 8yrs, good enough right? XD

I've taken French, Spanish, and Japanese language lessons . . .

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