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Has North Korean child singer Kim Sol Mae died? She sang "Ppoppo" ("A Kiss"). I've seen rumors in cyberspace to this effect but no mention of sources or documentation. I have found no information one way or the other online. You can see her video on YouTube with search keywords "A little Korean girl sing a beautiful song" (and the word is "sing") or "Cute little Korean girl singing and dancing". Also, has images of her. Also, #KimSolMae (use upper case for K & S & M) on Twitter will get images of her. I have no equipment for attaching an image.

Hey CF, sorry for the delayed response.

[Before I begin to answer your question, I just wanted to let you know that there is a famous South Korean film director who has the same name (Kim Sol Mae) as the gwiyomi (cutie) you are asking about.]

North Korea is like a black hole to the rest of the world. No one in the outgroup (the rest of the world) knows much about the happenings within its country's borders. North Korea is like a psychotic version of Las Vegas: what's in North Korea stays in North Korea, as well as what happens in North Korea . . . unless Kim Jong-un wants outsiders to know. It's incredibly hard to get the fine details on North Korean affairs. This includes its citizens.

With that in mind, it's a common thing for rumors about the insides of North Korea to go around the world. The rumor regarding Kim Sol Mae being dead surfaced earlier this year January-February. Years ago, the same thing happened with Kim Jong-un's girlfriend, Hyon Sol-wol. However, just last year she was spotted on a state TV broadcasting. This caused an international uproar, and North Korea denied the initial rumors as an "unpardonable crime". Sol-wol is also a North Korean singer.  

Taking these things into consideration, the same may be the case for Kim Sol Mae. However, we won't know for sure until the North Korean government allows us a glimpse into the truth like they allowed us for Sol-wol. Who knows, maybe a year from now a recent video of Sol Mae singing will be uploaded to the net :)
Unfortunately, we can only wait and hope for that.

~ Spence

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