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QUESTION: Hi, I hope my question fits my category but if it doesn't, please show me the way. I'm searching for a song of 2007/2008 but I can't find it anywhere. It was an electronic/techno/house type of song and a ''western'' type video. Here are some details about the video! The video starts with a guy who is escaping with a large pile of money from a place. Apparently, he is a thief. The area is a desert and after sometime (I don't remember the detail much), 2 people, a man and a girl come but they are very small in size (not dwarfs but just small in size, like elves or pixies). The girl is in native American dress. Then they dance. And the end, the girl and the other guy (not the thief but the small sized guy with her) are sitting on something and the girl sits closer to him. This is not exactly a song but a it is a music, like techno or something. Plus I also scarcely remember the name of the band or singer. It was 'Rjando, Fandango' type of name. I'll try to remember more detail too, but please tell me about the song!

ANSWER: Hi there! Your question does not quite fit my category, but I can somewhat help you out :) It's a possibility that I've seen that music video before, but I can not guarantee it. Without the name of the artist, it's a very broad search. It would be helpful if you could gather more details to narrow the search. In the meanwhile, I've found some songs that possibly fit the descriptions you've already given me. Check them out and let me know if one is indeed the song you are looking for :)

Ravekorr - You Dance 2007 (Sander Remix)
Rocco & Bass-T - House Time (Club Mix)
RusseTunes - Ladies Royale07
RusseTunes - Area 51
Khazakstan Super Star - Feestajlo (B Laze Remix)
Raaban - When I Come Around! [Original Edit]
Radames - Why (Primetime Remix)
Rayzr - That Dj Made my Day
Rednex - Cotten Eye Joe (Amboza Remix)
Rockzown - Falling For You
Da Franco - Show me
Danijay - Encanto (Hard Panz DJ Club Rmx)
Dan-J - It's Up To You (Hardbounce rmx)

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Well you last answer had a lot of detail....but I recognize that my desired song was quite similar to Freestajlo. But none of the songs in your answer had an official video. While my song was often played on MTV back in '07,08.

I know it's pretty much impossible to look for it. I don't know the artist's name, the song name. I just know the some details about the video and the year when it used to be played on TV.

But still, I'll add some final details too :)
It didn't have those firm zither notes but had softer piano-ish notes and overall, much more trance.

But the overall tone of the song was very similar to Freestylo.

So if you have another list, then great! But if that's the limit of your aid. So be it. I may have to check it on billboard listings.


To be honest, I'm not familiar with this genre to pin-point a specific artist. The last bit of aid I can give you is the link I have included below, where you can search the top billboard songs of 2007-2008, and send your question to the question pool of AllExperts where someone who may be more familiar with the artists within this genre can answer it; copy and paste your original question and resend it as a question so that I can send it to the question pool :)

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