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It being likely that it was the Saudis working thought lobbyists they share with oil companies that provided the likely bogus "intelligence" that implicated Assad in the gas attack, how will obama placate them if USA bombing is off the table and the Saudis sunni al Qaida friends in Syria are on he ropes . Will the oil sheiks of the Arabian peninsula punish the USA with higher prices for the Kerry f-up. Will obama eventually have to intervene on behalf of al Qaida  to protect his retirement jobs on oil company boards of directors etc.

The various Syrian factions have their outside benefactors, as you point out. Whether that would translate into some kind of pressure on the West by Arab oil producing countries is rather doubtful. I just don't picture such a scenario.

I also don't see how the U.S. would "eventually have to intervene on behalf of al Qaida." It simply makes no sense. Al Qaida is our sworn enemy, responsible for the deaths od thousands of Americans in terrorist acts, notably 9/11.

For more information on the chemical attacks in Syria, read the State Department's recent paper on this matter:

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