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Dont you think that this limited action response would do nothing?It sounds like the U>S> is going to be in an unfortunate situation that they may have to put boots on the ground.I mean we went through this before kind of when after the cole bombing there was a limited response hence world trade center is not there.Whats your theory on this?

While all military strikes are wild cards in which no one can predict how things will play out, I believe the odds that Pres. Obama will assent to sending ground troops into Syria are very small. The President has made it a keystone of his national security policy to extricate the U.S. from ongoing conflicts (i.e., Afghanistan, Iraq) while scrupulously avoiding entering new ones. Obama dearly wants to focus economic and political energies on addressing the country's pressing domestic challenges. Moreover, the American public is war weary. Polls show a majority opposing new military interventions.

The White House is focusing on punishing Assad and degrading his military capabilities in the context of a limited aerial and standoff weapons operation.  

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