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I have a question regarding these red hats that I see. I have seen them a lot on television lately. First when I was watching the blow up on the veterans dying in veterans hospitals and the politics and people getting grilled by veterans on CSPAN, I saw some of these guys who were veterans wearing these bright red pointed hats. But they were american and this was something connected with military service, at least I am assuming. I was just wondering what they are.

But also with Bowe Bergdahl coming back from being a POW in Afhanistan I saw he was wearing a red hat similar to the ones I saw the veterans wearing on CSPAN who were grilling politicians. The one he wore was something that the taliban made him wear.

And last I saw these red hats on the movie Day After Tomorrow by some group from a country like Qatar in the middle east they wore them addressing the president about global warming. Funny to me how all of these coincide is there a new world order agenda with these red hats? Do the muslim red pointed hats have anything to do with the ones that our veterans were wearing who were addressing politicians about the VA?




Without a picture I can't tell but the headwear you're referring to is probably VFW and Airborne hats (similar to American Legion Hats) of a style formerly referred to as "piss cutters."  They aren't issued any more, I think. Veterans' USMC baseball-style caps are usually red as well.

As for what you saw on Bergdahl's head, it was probably a flat-topped Kandahari cap, commonly worn by men in southern Afghanistan. I saw a photo of him wearing one of these.

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