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Worst of the Web/Dirtch Reputation !


Hello !
Every now and then I will GOOGLE myself as a precaution to see if there are no negative comments posted about me on the internet. I hasten to add that I have a perfectly clean reputation but always want to be a bit cautious especially in this internet world.
From time-to-time I go to a website called DIRTCH !  Unfortunately, the fact that I visit this website wound up on a GOOGLE search with my name.  Should I be concerned ?!  Somehow it got cached........I was horrified !  Then I went and actually logged in my name and the search NO RESULTS and wrote that 'I'm an Angel' (their words !) and that my record is clean.  Still, I am not at all happy that my name was listed just for visiting the website.  I did email them but don't know if I will receive a reply.
Again, is this something that will come back and haunt me ?!
Thanks !

Good Morning,

I would not worry about it. Unless you are being told this is affecting you somehow, its not really that big of a deal is it? For something on the internet to harm you, it has to affect you some how, and since this is not, then no worries.

Be well and stay safe.

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