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Hi, Thank you for taking my question.  I have posted this question several times on allexperts and it has not been answered.

In a stupid attempt to get my wife interested in swinging, I wrote a fake blog - from a woman's point of view talking about the great life that swinging is.  

Unfortunately the blog was construed the wrong way.  We have friends that are being harassed by another friend/neighbor.  She is being harassed about her sexual exploits - being sent swingers magazines in the mail, fliers are put in the neighborhood mailbox, etc.

My wife showed the blog to her friend that is being harassed, and everyone assumed it was the friend/neighbor who wrote it. I immediately took the blog down. However, before I took it down my wife's friend printed it out and then took it to the police - the police already had a file going on this guy.  The police visited this guys house already, and he has denied writing it.  (This guy has done some other very creepy stuff, and he seems to be at best a mild pedofile.)

I have anonymously called the police and told them that that guy did not write the blog and that it has nothing to do with the harassment case.  I'm not sure if they really knew what I was talking about or cared much.

My question:

How much personal information can the police get from the ip address?  Can they find out it was me?  If the police find this out, will they share that information with the parties involved? (That seems like an invasion of privacy?)

Thank you

Dear Sir,

I apologize my response has taken so long to reply, but I only today received the message here at the ALLExperts site after getting another question and coming to this site. Regarding your question, your IP address can be tracked and a general location can be found by law enforcement or anyone investigating the identity of an IP address. There are programs and software that can help those doing the investigation as well to obtain even more personal information. The question is whether the police take the time to investigate the IP address or even know they can do such a thing. In essence, they could find out it was you and they could share that information with the parties involved. That being said, there is no way to know if the police are even aware they can do all that with an IP address. Given the Internet is only a mere 20 years old, public safety officials like the police are in the same boat as all of us online users. The Internet in our generation is like the wild, wild west. My recommendation is to follow your morality. This is your wife you are talking about and you engaged in deception. Whatever the consequences, come clean and tell your wife the truth. Although there may be consequences from telling her, at least you can walk through life not having to worry someone will be knocking at your door.

Good Luck,

Dr. Michael Nuccitelli  

Worst of the Web

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Dr. Nuccitelli is a New York State Licensed Psychologist and certified forensic consultant.

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