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QUESTION: Greetings !
Happy New Year !
From time to time, I will go online and google my name just to see if anyone has posted anything negatively about either me or my family.
There's a website DIRTCH that lists people with questionnable reputations.  I went on there and entered my name and luckily I found myself in the clear.
Unfortunately, the fact that I had visited this website just to spot check wound up on my Google search complete with my name.  Now I am most worried !  Is this something that should be of concern to me or is this much ado about nothing ?!  I did email them but to no avail.  
I do not think I should be penalized just because I do wish to spot check the internet to make certain that my name is not connected with anything bad.
Please advise !
Thanks !

ANSWER: Dear Albert,

I spent some time doing a little research on Dirtch and did not come across others who have had the same problem as you. You write, "the fact that I had visited this website just to spot check wound up on my Google search complete with my name." I'm not sure what you mean by your statement. Are you saying that after visiting the site, you now found your name, identity and disparaging information about yourself? To monitor your identity online, first set up a Google alert with your full name and set the alert settings for all results. If your last name is like Albert Smith or Albert Jones, set your Google Alerts to include your city or state of residence. Once again, I apologize that I don't know what you mean by your statement that your name now shows up in a Google search. Most important is if your name now appears in a Google search tagged with disparaging information. Feel free to write back and be more specific about your statement I pasted in this response.

Dr. Michael Nuccitelli  

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Dear Dr. Nuccitelli !
Hoping all is well.
I did NOT find any disparaging info on me listed on GOOGLE.  What I did find, however, was the fact that my name was listed on having visited the DIRTCH WEBSITE listed as a CACHED on GOOGLE.  When I actually log my name onto DIRTCH directly it states that 'No Negative Content' on me is listed anywhere.
Let me site an example on how my search wound up on Google----------
Dirtch - Reputation Monitor ---  Alice Smith, Joe Doe, Albert (My Name), George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Jane Jones, etc.  
Apparently the fact that I visited the DIRTCH WEBSITE is what was listed on GOOGLE.  I do not wish for people to see that I go to DIRTCH to monitor results.  To reiterate -- there is No Disparaging info on me listed on Google......only the fact that I have visited DIRTCH just to see if all is OK.
I hope I have been able to clarify my original question.  
Thanks !

Dear Albert,

The fact that your name was cached on Google and there is no disparaging information about you or your family at Dirtch or through Google Alerts, you are fine. The only way others will know if you have been visiting Dirtch is if there is more than just you who uses your computer and you do not regularly clear your history or caches. When I am doing research or investigating cyber stalkers or anyone possibly nefarious in cyberspace, I always use Google Chrome Incognito and fanatically empty my caches, history and anything else I can clean or wipe. I know it is obsessive and overkill, but almost daily I use Glary Utilities, CCleaner and Advanced SystemCare 6.

Although I could not find any complaints about Dirtch, I have come across both colleagues and clients who have gone to digital and online reputation management sites, checked their reputation for free, left happy there was nothing reported and then days later found new negative information about them that was not there before they went to those sites. Of the information security professionals I have been in contact with and the explosion of online and digital reputation management sites and businesses opening up, I encourage you to be cautious of frequenting them not knowing if they themselves are the ones creating negative information about people once vulnerable online users provide basic demographic information at their sites when doing a free reputation search. As stated, I have not heard or read anything bad about Dirth, but I recommend people to refrain from those sites and stick with Google Alerts even though Google Alerts is not nearly as thorough as the new sites coming online. In a Albert is keeping his nose clean...why would he need to be monitoring his digital reputation??? Good Luck and Happy New Year!!!

Dr. Michael Nuccitelli  

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Dr. Nuccitelli's theoretical construct, iPredator, was the feature article in the 2011 Winter issue of the Forensic Examiner published by the American College of Forensic Examiners International. His recent article "2012 Cyber Bullying Tactics," will be split and published in the Summer and Fall issues of their magazine.

Dr. Nuccitelli is a New York State Licensed Psychologist and certified forensic consultant.

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