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From time to time I do online searches for my name. On more than one occasion I have found my full name listed on adult dating/sex/porn websites. I have never registered for any of these sites. I assume they have obtained (stolen) my name somehow. I feel that my privacy has been violated.

Is it legal for these kinds of sites to obtain someone's name and post the name online without the person's permission?

Thank you.

Cyber Justice
Cyber Justice  
Dear F,

There is no way for any website to 100% verify that the name and identity of the username and profile of an online user is correct. Unfortunately, the answer is "No" it is not illegal. Not knowing your name, is it at all possible that there is someone else with your same name. If you have a unique name and pretty positive someone has stolen your name or identity for nefarious reasons, you can write the website, with your credentials of identity and request the profile be deleted or suspended until the owner of that profile can prove he/she is the real person.

Unfortunately again, please note you are more likely to win the lottery before having a social media site contacts you back. If the info. is real defamatory and you have extra cash to burn, retaining an attorney to write the site is far more effective. The again, who has a couple thousand dollars to pay an attorney.

Your best 1st step is to contact the site owners and be prepared on your 1st contact to email, hard copy mail and call them all at once. Using those three methods will increase your odds of getting in touch with them. Sorry to hear someone has "jacked" your identity and it happens everyday day to thousands of online users.

Good Luck,
Dr. Nuccitelli  

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