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Hi! I have a Facebook profile and have a profile picture of myself there. So I have been wondering about uploading a picture of myself to an internet forum. So is it safer to upload a picture of myself to an anonymous forum than a non anonymous Facebook. So can I upload the photo to the forum with calm mind?

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Dear Mika,

Good morning from New York Mika. Regarding your question, it is a little hard to answer with 100% confidence knowing advice will be 150% accurate. Most importantly, I do not know the theme or type of online users who you will be corresponding with in that forum. Whether you, or any online user posts an image anywhere in cyberspace, think first before posting. Remember, once an image or video is disseminated in cyberspace, realize that all images become a permanent record that can never be removed. You may delete the image in the future, but that does not mean if has disappeared from cyberspace. If you are going to upload a profile image to an anonymous forum, think first of these points.

1. Can anyone see behind or beyond your face that could give a cybercriminal or cyberstalker personal information about you?
2. Can anyone see on a hat, jewelry or article of clothing a brand name, name or geographic area name that could tell a cybercriminal or cyberstalker about you?
3. If the internet forum is themed sexual or provocative, make sure your profile image is not too sexually provocative.
4. In addition to being mindful of your image, does the internet forum ask you to give a brief description of yourself and why you are joining the forum? Because if it does, provide very general information that does not disclose anything about where you live or how to reach you outside the forum.
5. Once you have your profile image and tagline/description, ask yourself if anyone would be able to identify you or have an idea where you live.  

Once you have followed these 5 points, it is safe to say you can have a "semi" calm mind. I can't tell you how many times I've told online users that online sexual predators, cyberstalkers & cybercriminals take any information they can get to learn about a possible target. Most importantly, make sure your image filename does not include your name or place of residence.

For example, you don't want to have your image filename be Mika-Helsinki Finland-BarGrill.jpg . lol...Name your profile pic something completely silly and non-descriptive like MichellePurplePotato.jpg .

I hope I provided you a little insight into how to stay safe online. You are always welcome to visit and download any of our articles/webpages at our internet safety website. To download any page or article, simply click on the little print button next to the other social media buttons. Everything is free to download and we do not ask for personal information, forms to fill out or even an email address. The site is

Good Luck and Stay Cyber Savvy.,

Dr. Nuccitelli  

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Dr. Nuccitelli is a New York State Licensed Psychologist and certified forensic consultant.

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