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Dear Dr. Nuccitelli,

I found my full name posted on an adult dating/sex site. I have no idea how they got my name. I never registered for the site. I never gave them permission to post my name.

I contacted the hosting provider about having my name removed. I was told to submit a valid DMCA complaint.

I do not have a legal background. I did a little research on DMCA, which seems to mainly be about copyright. I also found out that a person's name cannot be copyrighted. Is this true?

I do not think DMCA concerns trademark, but could I make a complaint involving trademark?

Is there anything I can do? I do not have a lot of money to spend pursuing legal action. Do I just have to live with my name being on the site?

Also, how can sites just post someone's name online without permission?

Thank you for your help.

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Good Morning from New York D,

I'm sorry to hear about your circumstances regarding your full name being posted on an adult dating/sex site. I'm also perplexed why the hosting provider would suggest filing a notice of claimed copyright infringement per DMCA guidelines. A person's name cannot be copyrighted or trademarked meaning the hosting provider must have been confused. Although I am not an attorney with expertise in patent, trademark and intellectual property legal statutes, the only way I know a name can be trademarked is if it can be proven and directly tied to commercial enterprise. An example would be like Tommy Hilfiger or Calvin Klein.

In rare circumstances, and if a person can prove that their name has a "secondary meaning" by being part of a unique brand used in marketing and commerce, there is an outside chance. But even in these situations, the person also has to prove that their name [aka, a commercial brand] is widely recognized. Occasionally, a name can be trademarked if it is unique and proven to be “one of a kind”.

Not knowing the details, other than your questions, it is hard to advise you on options for solving the issue. You are certainly welcomed to call and there will be no charge for the consultation. As for your question regarding how social networking sites can post someone's name online without their permission, the answer would take a 2-3 page written explanation. Without knowing more about the details, the only steps I can suggest is to visit the adult dating/sex site's "privacy policy" and "terms of service" pages to see if there is any information that would be helpful.

Once you have reviewed their guidelines, send them a hard copy certified take down request letter followed by a series of phone calls and emails. Also having friends, family and work associates doing the same thing can help as well. With any correspondence with them it is vital to include some form of documented evidence that the name being used in their site is your name along with copies of their privacy policies and terms of service.  

Michael Nuccitelli Psy.D., C.F.C.
NYS Licensed Psychologist
CEO, iPredator Inc.
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