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No one is writing to me on and I was wondering if someone can go on the site and go to my profile to read it and tell me where im going wrong thats making women not want to write to me. My screename there is moonlit30s and I live in Escondido, California. Or is it because I need a paid membership just to talk to people? Thanks.

Hi Antonio,
Sorry for the delayed response. Actually, I would have to sign up to see your profile and I don't do that. How long have you had the profile up? Because if it was during the holidays, there is little interest in online dating during that period. You should have more interest now that the new year has begun. You could also try posting to some of the other dating sites and see if the response is different.

I suggest looking at some of the responses to other questions I've been asked. You'll find some good direction about the content your profile should offer readers.
Best of luck,
Emily Calvo  

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