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I am 20 years old and have loved writing since I was in elementary school. I always found myself writing short stories and poems. In my teens I mostly wrote poems and songs. Recently, I've been trying to start on an actual novel length story. I am great at character development, but I have so much trouble thinking of a general plot that isn't generic or unoriginal like a lot of the teen or adult novels out there. I want to write about real life situations. I just fear that what I write may be exciting to me, but boring to others. I have scenes and ideas for characters in my head, but cannot combine them all to figure out what I really want my writing to be about. Do you have any suggestions? Thank you!

Leah, thanks for writing to me with this problem. Here are my thoughts and suggestions: write your "boring" story. By that, I mean, write your real life stories first. At the end, you may decide that this fits into the literary fiction genre. No plot or who-dun-it, but a journey in the day of characters we like to hang out with. Or, you may decide, like decorating and fashion, the story could use a punch of color or twist to the tale. You can add that afterwards. Think about how you might add  belt or accessory to your outfit. You dress first, add accessories last.

So, write the bones of your book, then add the details that draw us in and help us picture your characters. Those details may help you discover what your writing is about. Is the character a stereotype but with quirks? An outdoorsy guy who loves manicures? Where did this interest come from?  Well, you get the point.

If writing a novel seems a daunting task, create chapter heading titles and work on each one, just as you've done with short stories. I'll bet you'll put it together just fine!

I hope my response encourages you to keep writing. If you have another question, feel free to ask.

Dr B

Patricia Brawley, PhD

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