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Hello, my name is Ashley and I was seeking help with a little writers block that I've had for a couple days now. I can't figure out a certain part in my story that's going to set the pace for the following events to come. The story itself is about a case of mistaken identity when a mom gets mistaken for her daughter due to her short height and youthful looks by a babysitter. The part I'm stuck on is the introduction of the mom and the sitter and how the mix up happens. In the end the daughter explains to the sitter there was a mix up, but the daughter left long enough to be gone part of the day. Any suggestions as to how the sitter would mistake the mom for the daughter?

Hi Ashley,

I always love a good fictional story. I especially love it when it makes sense. :) As a writer myself I find that the best way to work through these roadblocks is to list the questions that I have about it and why it's not clear. I often find that by answering the questions, I will have explained my situation and then I can move forward. It's another useful way of looking at your problem area in a more detailed manner.

Here are some questions that I have (and some presumptions/suggestions) based on the little bit that you gave me:

1. I think that the mother's youthful looks would be more important for the mistaken identity than height....but how old is the daughter? Teenager? Late teens? I think a mother would have an easier time being mistaken for a 16-18 year old, than a 12 year old.

2. Wouldn't the mother tell the babysitter who she is when she first arrives? If so, why doesn't the babysitter believe her? Perhaps it's a case where the babysitter recieved all of the instructions via text or email and the mother specifically told her not to listen to the daughter for some reason.

3. If the mother is hiring a babysitter for her daughter, why isn't the daughter there? Does she leave before the babysitter arrives? Did the babysitter get the days mixed up? If mom and daughter are both there when the babysitter shows up, then how does the daughter manage to get away?

Those are the most important questions that I can think of. If you can answer those questions you'll be well on your way. Feel free to ask another question if you need more help.

Kind Regards,

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