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I'm writing a story about a bad case of mistaken identity but have real bad writers block. The main idea is a mom and daughter get mixed up and the mom gets stuck pretending to be the daughter for a school event. I figured the mom would be short and that's why she was mistaken for the daughter but as to what event and how the mistake happens I can't figure out? Any ideas or suggestions?

Hi Joshua,
What an interesting idea for your story. You may have to hang out and observe young girls to get an idea about my response :)

Make a list of young girl's behavior that you know or have seen: they giggle, go to the bathroom together, hold hands, try on things at the mall, seeking approval. They are rarely loners. A cell phone/texting is a Major prop in their lives, even at a school event.

You get the idea. Just a list. Then, choose the ones that will work into your story and see if it reads like you wish.

Thanks for writing.

Dr B

Patricia Brawley, PhD

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