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Hello, I am 15 years old. And i have a great interest in writing. A few days ago, i had the urge to write about my dream being very detailed. I was going make that into a short story, but then i continued with me waking up. And i proceeded to write about me, my day and ect. And i just kept going on and on. About my morning, what happened and the memories i thought of from that day. I kept on writing and writing and after 3 days of writing. Its more like a auto-biography about me. But i dont know if i am to young to write one.Right now its at least 4,ooo+ words. Do you have any suggestions about my story of me? Or will it not be good since im only 15? Should i keep writing? Its in my blog and i got many ompliments from my friends.Thank you for any help or advice you can give me.

Hi, Marissa.

As you know, my specialty is fiction, not biography.  But I'll share my thoughts, anyway.

First things first:  Yes, keep writing.  Writing is a wonderful creative outlet, it's therapeutic, and fun.  (Sometimes.)  If you enjoy writing, then keep doing it.

I don't think anyone is too young to write an autobiography, really.  A lot of people seem to think that you have to have lived a long life, or at least and really amazing life, to write an autobio.  I disagree.  Because it's all about perspective.  Even a ten year old could write about his/her mundane life, but do it in a way that others will stop and pay attention.  So if you can pull that off, that's great.

In addition to continuing your writing, I'd make sure you make an effort to learn the things you'll need.  Grammar and spelling, of course, but also some essentials about what makes writing "good."  There are some skills you can learn.  If you're interested, pick up a book at your library on writing fiction (which I think can apply to non-fiction in many cases, too).

Either way... keep on putting words on the page.  Best of luck.

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