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Hello, I am 15 years old. And i have a great interest in writing. A few days ago, i had the urge to write about my dream being very detailed. I was going make that into a short story, but then i continued with me waking up. And i proceeded to write about me, my day and ect. And i just kept going on and on. About my morning, what happened and the memories i thought of from that day. I kept on writing and writing and after 3 days of writing. Its more like a auto-biography about me. But i dont know if i am to young to write one.Right now its at least 4,ooo+ words. Do you have any suggestions about my story of me? Or will it not be good since im only 15? Should i keep writing? Its in my blog and i got many ompliments from my friends.Thank you for any help or advice you can give me.

Hello Marissa,

Absolutely keep writing. I started when I was twelve. I discovered how wonderful words can be when strung together to form stories. You have to start somewhere, so a blog is a great idea.

As for suggestions about your story, be articulate and creative. Age should never be a factor if the story is well written. Good luck!


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