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Dear J.L.,

I want to write a novel based on my life experience growing up in another country - I want to
describe    quite a few characters, including myself, my family, friends, and
former classmates. My hometown is going to be an important character by itself -
I want to describe it detail.

However, I want to stay away from creating yet another  memoir. I will change the
names of the characters, but I don't want to alter descriptions of particular
situations, although I probably will enhance the narration with made up things. Am I safe from the legal point of view? And should I present it as a
fiction or non-fiction?

Thank you!

Hello Jennya,

Anything made up should be deemed fiction. Using past experiences as a base for a fictional piece is not unheard of. I would recommend you change names or get written specific permission from those people you are basing your characters on.

Otherwise, I can't see anything that would create problems. Always safer to use fictional names and keep away from very specific and identifying situations that would offend. Good luck,


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