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I'm 16 years old and have been interested in writing since I can remember. I've always wanted to write something that had an impact on people and have experimented with many different ideas but never really finished one, aside from small fan fictions. Currently, I've been working on a fiction story with my dad and I feel like this is one of my ideas that I should really stick to an that it could really work, partly because I created a creature that hasn't been used before rather then using the average fantasy creatures. Ideas for this story and development of the creatures, plot and just general ideas has been going wonderfully, but when I try to actually write it nothing seems to work. I've started different ways at different parts of the would-be book, but none satisfy me because they all start okay, but after two pages it goes down from there.
My mom has suggested writing and illustrating a child's  book, though, since I like drawing and writing, and she thought children books would be easier to accomplish first, published or not.
So, do you have any advice or suggestions for how to write a novel better or how I should go about doing a children's book?
Thanks for your time,

Hello Caitlynn,

Welcome to the world of writing. My recommendation is to start small, perhaps a novellette or a series of short stories. Try submitting your stories to magazines first to build your writing and submission experience. I would also recommend that you take online courses with reputable colleges/universities which is something I have done and am still doing. They will help you immensely. Carry around a small notebook and pencil and jot down every idea that comes to you no matter where you are. I also do this and find it helpful when writing a novel.

Do not be fooled into thinking writing children books is easy, it is not. Writing period is not easy and not everyone can do it. You will need to take time honing your craft, gaining experience keeping in mind that not all your ideas will be best sellers. You will need a few flops along the way in order to fine tune your craft. In time, you will develop writing skills that will work wonders for you.

Take your time and enjoy yourself. Good luck,


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