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I am writing a book and would like to ask an expert to write the preface. Should I ask the expert to sign an agreement before or just send the manuscript. I am not a publisher, just trying to self publish a book about French conjugation that took a long time to prepare.

Hi, Houda Araj!

First you'll have to ask permission to send the manuscript. A simple letter of introduction, stating your credits and why you're qualified to write the book, plus the reason why you feel a preface by them would be valuable is probably sufficient. Keep in mind that since you're self-publishing, quite a few experts might decline. That's because there is no editorial vetting that will take place, so the expert might (to protect his status as an expert) feel compelled to verify the content as accurate before s/he introduces it. Many aren't willing to do that.

If the expert is willing to read it, send along the manuscript, along with when you need the written preface back (and in what form. Not every expert types, so you might wind up getting back a handwritten document on notepaper.) Keep in mind that quite often, the preface of a book is a separate paid contract, so it could be that you'll be asked for money for the privilege of their introduction. Decide how much (if any) you want to pay, so you'll be prepared when asked.

Hope that helps, and feel free to ask any other questions that might come up.


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