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Hello again Sandy.

I recently asked you about the wisdom of resubmitting a query to an agent if much time has past--and which you advised against.

I'm still a bit confused about something, however.  Are you advising against resubmitting to the "agency"--which may contain many different agents and who have different likes and dislikes--or only that in respect of the particular agent formerly addressed?

In short, is it still considered taboo to resubmit to a different "agent" at the same agency where another agent there rejected your query a year ago?


Hi Dan,

I would advise against submitting to the same agency UNLESS you have made a direct connection with an agent other then the one who rejected the manuscript previously. I would try and establish a relationship with an agent before sending a manuscript. It is really important to know they will read your submission. A phone call explaining the past history of the work would be a good start. Unless an agent agrees to consider a manuscript there is little point in sending it to them.



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