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After spending a day on a ride along with Sheriffs deputies, I am interested in
writing a fiction novel loosely based on actual events of a crime the deputy I
rode with worked on. What legalities should I be aware of and do I need to
obtain any particular permissions from either the family of the murder victim or
the sheriffs dept?


If you're going to fictionalize an actual crime, then don't hold back.  Fictionalize it out the wazoo.  Take the particular elements that attract you to the story and tweak them so that it's not recognizable as the same case.  

You can change a lot: the ages and genders of the people involved, the location, heck... even the time period, maybe.

Shows like "Law & Order" do this all the time.  They'll take an actual crime from the news, then change a LOT of stuff so that it bears no resemblance to the actual event, other than superficially.

Doing this will allow you to avoid having to get permissions at all.

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