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I am rewriting (again) a vampire ms. the problem is the genre. I have seen these types of books in sci-fi as well as fantasy. On another writing forum I was stating it as a fantasy/sci-fi. What would be a better way to word it?

First of all, which genre is your primary genre? High magic tends to suggest fantasy while advanced technology of any kind (not run by magic, of course,) tends to suggest science fiction. Your genres shouldn't be so muddled up you can't make sense out of what's what.

Also, what genre did you intend the manuscript to be in? If you were aiming for fantasy, just label it that.

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I can answer almost any question on the mechanics that go into writing a full-length novel (80,000-100,000 words): characterization, setting, plot, world-building, dialogue, etc. I can answer some questions on the aspect of publishing, but I'm not one hundred percent familiar with it. I specialize in science fiction, fantasy crossovers (sometimes called science-fantasy) and am very familiar with the idea and technique of crossing genres, such as horror with science fiction, romance, and western.


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