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At the top of the page is the title name, page number, two inches from that is "Chapter One" and two inches from that I start. I don't know if that is the starting a third from the page. Some pages have more words than others, but after reading something on word count, I just changed it to 70 000 words when I had been writing it was 65,000 words. (250 words times 284 pages)


It's perfectly acceptable to do the first page of a sample as follows:  
1.  Start with a 1" top margin.
2.  Double space twice.
3.  Insert book title
4.  Single space.
5.  Insert your name (or pen name)
6.  Double space once
7.  Begin the book.

The 250-word count method ONLY works if you're submitting in Courier New, 12pt. font with 25 lines on a page. That's tricky to do in Word or WordPerfect, but otherwise, the word count won't work. If you're typing in Times New Roman or Arial, this method won't work, so convert first to Courier and THEN count. It won't be perfect, but it'll be much closer. :)


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