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I have been researching every where on the net about prologues.
The more I read about the more confuse I become.   Some say that's where you place the back-story. What is suppose be in the  prologue?

Hi, Rose Andre!

Well, technically speaking, there's no "supposed to be" about a prologue. What's COMMONLY in one is a scene that predates the opening of the book and provides additional details about what the book is about that wouldn't really "fit" in the actual story. For example, one master of prologues is Clive Cussler. His "Dirk Pitt" series has the hero searching for various kinds of treasure while also stopping some horrible thing from happening to the world (they're thrillers.) The prologues in his books tell how the treasure GOT to where the hero finds it. So, if he found a Civil War submarine in the Sahara Desert (the plot of the book and movie "Sahara") then the prologue would take the reader along for how the ship arrived there. Now the reader KNOWS the ship is there and can root for the hero in the steps he takes to find it---while also making the reader groan in frustration when he takes a wrong turn.

Other prologues focus on the hero's backstory or "prophecies" about WHY the hero is going to save the world.

Now, all that said---most publishers would prefer you don't have a prologue at all. It's VERY difficult to do a good job with one and in a debut book, it's nearly unheard of. You'd do better to incorporate any backstory into the plot throughout the first few chapters. Let the characters tell their own story through interactions with others, just like you do in your own life. Someone who meets you today has no clue who your friends were in grade school (for example) so if an old friend from that time dropped by your house, you'd have to bring them up to date on how you met. It wouldn't take pages and pages. You'd just say something like, "Oh, I met Sally on the playground in first grade. We fought over the swings and both wound up in the principal's office." Etc.

Does that help?  If you have any other questions, feel free to ask and good luck with your book! :)


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