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My story is all set out. I have about 20 pages of different notes. Biography of each character. Description of what every scene in my book will look like and a 10 pages of what is going to happen in my book one after the other. So all in all i know exactly what everthing looks like and what is going to happen.
     The only problem is getting it onto paper, as i'm writing it the characters just don't seem to be alive. I've tried loads of different ways, but i can't seem to make it happen.
       Also my story doesn't seem to be flowing nicely, it seems a bit jumpy. if you know what i mean lol.

Any help will be appreciated.


Hello Hannia,

My suggestion is to decide if you are going to tell the story in first narrative, or second or third person narrative. Then you need to work on the plot so that it flows better. Point of view (POV) is very important to any story and must clearly unfold within the story in order for it to work.

How many characters do you have? Do you have them seperated into primary and secondary categories? Sometimes too much, is simply too much.

I would recommend that you take a creative writing course. There are many offered online that can help you with putting your story together so that it flows and remains consistant with POV. Good luck,


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