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"Hi, I feel kind of embarrassed as I write this. See, I am a 10 year old, but I do want to start writing a story. I think I am pretty good at it I have written award winning stories. There is just one problem, I don't know where to start. I don't have a topic to start off with. I feel that the more I read stories the  smaller my opportunities as a young author are. I guess if you helped me, I could get passed that hard part and you know start writing. I just need a little push.

Hi, Eileen!

First, congratulations for writing stories that have won awards. That's terrific! I think most authors have a difficult time deciding where to start a story. A lot of times there's so much to imagine that picking just ONE spot seems impossible. The trick to writing a good short story is to think of it as a single moment in time. It's sort of like the big wheel on Wheel of Fortune on TV. There are lots of individual slices to the wheel, and each one MIGHT be a winner, or a loser. Sometimes where the wheel stops in your head is luck, but if you spin it often enough, you get better at deciding where to stop it.

Sometimes it helps to imagine a character FIRST, before the topic. Build a world around them. For example, next time you go to a fast food place and eat in the dining room, look around. Choose a random person and try to imagine what sort of life they live from what they're wearing. Is a man in a suit a lawyer on his way to court? Is that kid with long hair and cutoffs with a skateboard leaning against the wall just a normal kid, or is he actually the latest X-Games star like Tony Hawk? Then imagine where they're going after they eat their hamburger (or salad, or whatever). Are they worried about something? Happy? If so, why?

That's your start point--walking out the door of the restaurant on the way to the next moment in their life. The story might be romantic, or they might get hit by a bus as they step into the parking lot. Maybe the door opens and they EXPECT to see their car, but they wind up on another world instead. There's lots of places to go and just a humdrum event like eating is suddenly a brand new thing.

With a short story, you need to wrap it up quickly, so pick something that really grabs and then figure out a way to resolve it quickly. Don't worry about tomorrow or next year in the person's life. What happens by dinnertime or by the time they go to bed? Short and snappy will keep the reader turning the page.

I wouldn't worry about there being no more stories to tell. Remember that pretty much EVERY story has been told. But nobody has YOUR brain. Nobody else in the world can imagine what you can, so there's always room on the shelf for the "same old" story told in a brand new way. :)

Hope that helps a little, and good luck! Feel free to ask any other questions that come up. :)


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