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What is the average percentage of profit (for the author) when a book is sold?

Sorry this email is so late! I kept looking for some solid figures, but couldn't find any. Profit (royalties) for a published book varies wildly. Standard seems to fall between 2.5-5% but can be as low as 1% and high as 10% depending on how well the book sells, its price, the author's fanbase, etc.

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I can answer almost any question on the mechanics that go into writing a full-length novel (80,000-100,000 words): characterization, setting, plot, world-building, dialogue, etc. I can answer some questions on the aspect of publishing, but I'm not one hundred percent familiar with it. I specialize in science fiction, fantasy crossovers (sometimes called science-fantasy) and am very familiar with the idea and technique of crossing genres, such as horror with science fiction, romance, and western.


I have been writing for almost ten years now as a hobby.

High School graduate with close to 45 hours of concurrent classes, most of them English and creative writing classes. I have taken literature classes as high as the 400 mark.

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