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I am a young writer, working on a historical fiction idea (hoping to make it into a YA novella).  A good part of the story involves two character's backstories, and I would like to incorporate romance in it (cleanly).  The problem is, how can I cleanly write a slight touch of romance while making it realistic and not cheesy, even though I've never even had a boyfriend (or crushed out in a few years. Hey, I am only 13!)?

The first rule of a writer, is to write about what you know, and in the location you know.

If you are 13, then that is too young to successfully pull of a romance novel.

You have not had the experience with the romance and passion of an adult who has, to write it and make it believable.

But-- it you insist, then maybe consider writing it with the characters being young teenagers with the level of experience you have. That would be believable.

Or, if you insist on your characters being adults with a higher level of romantic experience, then use romance: emotions, thoughts, reactions, etc. in a tactful manner. No hard core, no descriptive sex.

Lead the reader into "imaging" on his own the result that lead into the scene. Like a tactful movie that leaves you "knowing" but does not show.

It will appear cheesy unless you write what you know.

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