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Dear Ma'am,
    Good day! I need information on the following questions.

1) What is the correct format in writing an article?
2) will you tell me the exact distance between the first and second line?
3) about the paragraph - how many spaces between the first and the second paragraph?
4) still about the paragraph - How many spaces are needed to indent the first line?
5) tell me what is the correct margin?
6) Give me an advice on how to make an article.
7) Inform me also on how to prepare an article that will have a chance of being published and paid?
8) What will i do inorder that i can sell my articles to a magazine?
9) Give me relevant advice concerning article writing.
10) How will i improve my writing inorder for me to become a world class writer like you?

I am sorry for asking you a lot of questions, but i am really interested to become a skilled writer,and i think the best way to start is article writing.

thank you very much. Hope i can hear from you soon.

Respectfully Yours,

Amram... well, to answer all your questions, I would need to write a book...grin..  and many people have.  I suggest you visit some of the major bookstores and look through all the various books they have on this subject of writing articles for magazines.

but to try to give you a few clues...the first one would be find the type of magazine you want to write for...write to them and request their submission guidelines... then decide if you have an idea for that magazine that fits within their guidelines.


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