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HI Sandy,
Your advise to all budding authors is to definitely get an agent to act on their behalf. I realise how important this is, but as you rightly stated: it is a problem and I recognise this too.
I am based in Singapore at the moment but my home is in Germany. A publisher in Singapore has accepted my proposal but I am not very happy with the contract.This is where an agent can make the difference.
My question is: where can find an agent in AustralAsia? Can you please help me.

Dear Nancy,

The best place to start hunting for an agent who works around the world but is based in Australasia is:

All of the agents listed are reputable and should be able to advise you. Please read (but do not be put off by) the websites instructions about contacting an agent. As you have a publisher lined up getting an agent should be an easier task than is normally the case with authors without a publisher.

All the best with your venture.


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