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I am half way through writing a travel related book, based on the times when I lived in Singapore and Botswana. I have sent a chapter synopsis and an introduction to many publishers of travel books, and have had one favourable response already from a small publisher, asking for a sample chapter. However, I have also had a reply from a larger publisher, saying that there would be no market for this type of book for such a large house.

Is this related to the expected print run? How many copies would a publisher generally plan for a first run? I imagine that actual book production costs are much the same for all publishers in these days of high-tech printing processes. Would a large publisher therefore only want to deal with books with a large initial run, in order to cover their higher overheads for editing, marketing, etc?


Melvin Hurst

Hello Melvin,

All publishers wish for the next best seller. Do not judge a small publisher too harshly. Sometimes, a smaller publisher will give you better service. You won't just be a number. All publishers want work that will sell, this is how they make their commission.

Good luck with your book.


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