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Hi Vincent,
 I recently decided to take my writing seriously and have begun a novel that's been hanging around for a while now. I want the novel to be primarily character driven as the main character will be the hero over the course of 4 to 6 novels and the primary conflict is around social/governance/human colonization issues. The lead character is a female psychologist who increasingly comes into conflict with the antagonist and she must grow a great deal to be the hero later on.
 What interests me about writing this book(books), is more the social commentary than the high tech thriller, although it has a fair share of that as well. In this light, my question is about tone and pacing. I have enough action to break it out into 3 novels and a pace I feel would allow me sufficient coverage of the social issues, this going to be too slow a pace for Sci-fi even though there's plently of science and technology both in the setting and plot? Can Sci-fi be literature and still draw a sci-fi crowd, as well as a more general audience?

The quick and dirty answer to your question is:  Absolutely.

If you want to see a good example of how this is done, check out the Mars trilogy by Kim Stanley Robinson:  RED MARS, GREEN MARS, BLUE MARS.  

The books are heavy with all sorts of science, both hard and soft, with a large cast of characters.  The pacing is not fast, but it's still an engrossing read... and right along the lines of what you're describing.

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