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I've completed my memoir entitled Killing Of Innocence. The story tells of my upbringing as an African-American girl, who was raised by my white stepfather during the 60's and 70's. My stepfather was a high ranking member of the Philadelphia Italian Mafia.

My question is I've written the manuscript in the voice of a child, from age nine to my teenage years. A friend of mine, who is an author, told me I should write it in an adult's voice reflecting back on my life as a child. Which way is the best way to write this type of book?  

Dear Jillian,

What a fascinating and exciting project! My first reaction is to agree with the suggestion that you should write in the voice of an adult looking back. However, if you have truly managed to write in the voice of a child (and one who grows through the chapters as history unfolds) then that would be a great achievement. The problem of writing in a child's voice is that it only allows you to reflect as a child and not with the wisdom of an adult who has had the life experience and time to consider deeper implications of behaviour. It may well be possible to do both. By that I mean to show us the child's point of view and then reflect on it as an adult. This would give you the advantages of both.
I wish you the best of luck with the Killing of Innocence and look forward to it being hugely successful!



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