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whats your opinion about someone analyze all things around him , usually searching for trunth , scientific facts , research any case confront , has high imagination , alawys contemplate , endure social & world problems as his was the responsible for solving it , has photographic memory , live his own live as serial episode , all his wishes & principles hope to be done , moreover usually try to prove his view for hisself & others , has the ability to write coversation between two persons for more than 100 page , daydreaming all the time , imagine seeing this by making stories in his mind

all the above is short breif about all things I m doing or at least is it mine

my question all people around me touch that suggest me that I may me a good writer , or story writer

but I need your opinion as you an experts , are the above behaviours can qualify me or intutive behaviours for a writer or artist ?

need your comments & recommendation

ANSWER: Well, that depends on what you want to do with your writing (or art)...if for yourself...go for it.

If you want to make money from it...you have to be very practical and very, very commercial.  Marketing any creative endeavor is sometimes much more work and much harder that creating it.

You have to have a niche and then create for that market.  sound simple, but in reality quite difficult.

You need to be extremely disciplined, and very committed to whatever project you decide to develop.  also you need to learn to spell...that means checking your writing carefully.

Are you a good story writer... you will only know if your write a story. Have you done this yet or are you still thinking about doing it.  

Most writers need a good push in the rear to not only get started, but to keep going with their writing...myself included.  I set deadlines for myself weekly...for if I don't, not much gets done.

The best of luck... sue

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QUESTION: hello sir

yes I want to write beacause I have something in my underneath to let people share me & build my society for better way

yes I wrote short stories or short play in form of poems also I really write some stories & play not only that but also I develop myself in knowing screen play writing techniques

about grammer , firslty I m writing quickly , secondly english is not my native language

thank you

Well, you have several options.  1 - Write in your native language or 2 take some writing classes in English.

I would also suggestion a class in screen writing.  However there are also several fairly good software programs for screen writing that you can buy and use...I would suggest you check them out by doing a google search.

Hope this helps...


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