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QUESTION: hello , im thinking that writing might be the thing for me since im a bigginer and don't have alot of experience about writing,im actually in high school and my vocablery is nothing but basic words and some sat words so that might be a problem but i hear alot of people write there first novel at ayoung age so i need advice about brainstorming and how to come up with the basic ideas for a novel ''btw i don't want to write about my personal life or about any person i know'' i appreciate the help in advance
thank you

ANSWER: Hon, join a writers group Online. MSN has a lot of good ones. Learn from other writers although most are amateurs but some are seasoned enough to teach you.

Get critiques of your work that you'll post and ask for advice. It'll all come together, but I must warn you, you must be a "born writer" to succeed and must be educated in the craft. It will take YEARS.

Getting published is not an option for you. You might get published in 10 years if lucky and know how to go about querying to publishers and more importantly, an agent.

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QUESTION: thanx for the advice , i wrote a short story and really want an expert's oponion on what i have wrote and if i have the ability and what it takes to be writer if you could help me on finding a place to where i could post my story online and get a true opinion without being objected to unnesesery ridicule but Constructive criticism whould be great.
thank you

ANSWER: I founded MSN's Writers Cick 101 at http://groups.msn.com/writersclic101

I have not been there in months and have an assistant manager. I have had personal problems, a daughter was killed in a car accident and haven't been active on Writers Click.

Apply to join and we will accept you- mention the AllExperts.com to remind me.

Also, there are good people and a lot of talent there that are willing to help the novice.

I also have extensive information on the menu. Be sure to read through it all. One of my novels (part of it) is there as well under How To Write A Novel or something such the like. An example.

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QUESTION: i clicked the link : Hmmm, We Can't Find that Page...  

The page you're looking for might have been moved or deleted. Or, perhaps the Web address is misspelled?

could you please make sure that the link you gave me is correct thanks again for the help and im sorry to hear that your having problems hope you get through what ever obstacles you may face.

I've been there today and posted and done some minor changing around.



You will need to copy & paste that into your browser.

Once there, go to the "What's New" page and you can scroll down to the bottom and read new posts, etc. On the menu is a "JOIN NOW" so click it and apply.

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