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I do understand that no second person can tell one which writing style to exactly adopt but i just wanted a little information as in ..according to the theme..its like a narrative so isnt there any kind of tense or writing style that you can suggest? I could use it as a refernce atleast. Thanks

Hi, Nitasha!

I saw your question in the pool, and thought I'd try to help you out. You can use either past or present tense to tell a story---whether fiction or non-fiction. I prefer to use "near-past" tense, which is the equivalent of standing right behind a person and reading over their shoulder. So, the reader is along for the action, as though they're walking in the person's shoes.

For example, near past tense would look like this:

Bob grabbed his keys and started to walk to the store. He was angry about Sue refusing to go to the prom with him, but why should he be surprised? Everyone else had said no too. But it was tomorrow night and if he showed up alone, everyone would laugh. He felt his palms start to sweat and the keys nearly dropped to the ground. Why did Karen have to move away right now? His eyes flicked up and he saw the walk light go on, but it wasn't until he was halfway across the street when he heard the screech of tires and the grill of the car . . . too close and coming too fast.

Present tense of the same scene would look like:

Bob grabs his keys and walks out the door to the store. He's angry about Sue refusing to go to the prom with him, but why should he be surprised? Everyone else had said no too. Tomorrow night was going to come coon and if he shows up alone, everyone will laugh. He nearly drops  his keys from the sudden sweat. Why did Karen have to move away right now? His eyes flick up as the walk light turns green. A screech of tires makes him turn his head. The grill of a car is right there! It's too close and coming too fast!

True past tense would look a lot like near-past, except you probably wouldn't include the emotions

Does that help a little? :)


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