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I am 13 and writing a story, I really want to get my book published, however I'm not sure if it is good enough, the only criticism I have gotten is from friends, how do I get someone to read my story, who wont steal it, or be soft on me? And do other young writers ever get their works published?

Hello Katie:

I suggest that you take your story to and put it up there for comments. It is quite unlikely that anyone will steal your story, so don't worry about that. And they won't necessarily be soft, but they won't be brutal, either - they are kind hearted folks there. If you want a completely honest (brutal) assessment, you can hire me at my website,

It may be possible for you to get your book published some time in the future, but few publishers will view material written by a 13-year old with favor, because such books almost never sell - at 13 or 14 or even 16 or 17, few young people have reached the level of understanding required to write for adults - the market, in other words.

Some very young authors have been published - Anne Frank comes immediately to mind, but her story was so horrendous it didn't require good writing, or any real understanding of the human condition, only the ability to get the facts down. If you are writing non-fiction, your chances may improve, but probably not by much.

The best thing you can do for yourself now is study as much English as you can, especially composition. By the time you get out of high school, you should have a pretty good idea whether you are any good at this or not, and how far you want to pursue it. In the meantime, write, write, write and read, read, read.

I hope this helps. If it does, a nice rating would be greatly appreciated.  I am proud of my high score over 1350+ questions.

And thanks for writing!

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