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Hi, I've always wanted to be able to write books, especially fantasy, but I can never get any ideas. How do you start out in a situation like this? Does it get easier to think of good ideas the more you practice it? Also, how do you create really good believable characters? Thanks for your advice.

The best that I know of to get ideas is to read a lot of books in the genre you like best...then after you have read a particularly "great" book...and say to yourself, that's a great plot...think about the fact, take the book, page by page and write the plot out...

Then change it.  Was the hero a man?...make your hero a heroine.  Was the hero a young girl...make your hero a middle aged man...

Did the action take place in a city...make your settling in the country or on another world.

you get the idea...after all there are only so many plots... the rest of a good story depends on how the characters react to the plot

As for creating characters...lots of good books out there...lots of lists on the web with lists on how to start.

The best way I know to do any to write.

Good luck.


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