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Hello Iím Eileen and well, I am 11 years old, for years I have wanted to be an author, but I never had ideas, now that I started Middle School I have a whole bunch of things to say. The problem is that when I do write, it sounds really gloomy. Trust me, I am not the kind of person that gives up really easily, I wrote while I heard happy music, that didnít work. I tried to write small notes in my pocket notebook, but they were still really gloomy. I have ideas, I really do. I know that you are really busy, but I was wondering if you could, kind of, edit what I write and help me through. Even once a month would be ok. I just really want to do it, and I feel all I need is some guidance and I will write an awesome story, even if itís not the next Harry Potter hit, I will still feel accomplished ( since you are a writer, I know you know how good that can feel)
Thank you and please take me into consideration,

Eileen... How wonderful that you want to write.  I have an eleven year old grand son who is writing his first's a science fiction book of course.

I'm so sorry, but I don't do I am writing several books myself, my time is very limited....however, you must be either in 5th or 6th grade.  Do you have an English teacher you can talk to...can s/he give  you any help?

If you are in middle school you might ask your home room teacher or counselor where you could get some help.

Another place to check out is your local library...they often have writing groups you can join.

Also if you check the web, there are several places for young adults to enter their writings.

The very best of luck to you...keep your journals going...and try to write something every day if only a sentence or two.


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