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My main question is that I have an idea (or mixture of them) for a way I wish
my zombie book to go but I am having trouble getting the "how" they came
about.  I basically have everything up to and after the "infection" begins
including the "how" but the reason the "how" happens is eluding me.  Not
sure which path to take (terrorist, accident or diabolical revenge) to get where
I am going but any suggestions or thoughts on this would be appreciated.  I
am still writing and have a pretty good story so far but with just this one
hang-up.  Not looking for you to tell me which way to go but looking for your
advice at what would keep the readers attention through that part more.  
Thanks again.

Pretty tough call on that one, Robert.  Truth of the matter is that just about any sort of reason behind the "how" can work, provided you're willing to put the effort into it to make it work.

The only practical advice I think I can give you would be to look at other elements of the story and see if there's any approach you can take that will additionally complicate your story.  Anything that adds more depth and obstacles to your hero's mission will be a good thing.  So try to think of some reason behind the how that could, in some way, mess with the protagonist.  :)

Best of luck.

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