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The publisher's  contract calls for exclusive NAR rights for 3 years. I don't
 have a problem with that. However, does the publisher now have the rights
to the collection of stories only? I.E. Do I still own the rights to the individual
stories? Can I offer for resale, a story that is included in the collection?

         An interesting puzzlement.  


Congrats on your book collection!

Exclusive rights mean that the work cannot appear anywhere else during the term of the contract which you noted is three years.  Being that it is only Exclusive *North American* Rights, you could sell a story in the collection within the 3-year contract period if you sold the story outside North America.

My understanding of exclusive rights is that you would not be able to sell the collection in whole or in part during the duration of the contract within North America.

Because a contract is a legally binding document, I would check with an entertainment attorney on this.  You might be able to insert a clause into the contract that allows you to sell story excerpts within North America during the lifetime of the 3-year contract.  But again I would check with an attorney, definitely agree on this with the publisher (don't assume anything) and insert a clause into the contract clearly laying this out.

Best wishes!

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