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I know this is not your specialty but maybe you know. I am creating a website on anxiety. Many medical topics will be covered but I have no medical credentials. Therefore I want to cite credible sources to back me up. Is it copywrite infringement or plagiarism to state something and then cite the medical journal I got it from, followed by a sentence in quotations from that journal without their approval? Also, there are medical websites that have articles based from information from these journals. Can I quote sentences from these websites as credible sources and also can I do so without asking them?

What you propose to do is fine so long as you do not directly quote more than 10% of each work you cite.

It is plagiarism to re-work passages word for word or to summarise others' works without giving the source (you seem to be aware of this).

When giving a citation it MUST be complete. It should include:
-all the authors' names, even when there are multiple authors
-the full title of the journal, including volume and issue numbers
-the exact page numbers from where you quote.

I hope this helps!


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